How to Update or Redesign Your Old Office Furniture

My recent series of articles on interior design have been targeted at improving the look and feel of your den or bedroom. I have covered chairs, artwork, and swanky coffee tables. This article, however, is meant to turn your attention to your office. We will begin by addressing your office seating. Now this could be your home office or your work office. Both types of spaces are plagued by ugly chairs. For the most part people know how to pick out and purchase nice desks or side tables or bookshelves. The place where you sit the most important part of the office, you, is treated as an afterthought or else overlooked altogether.

It seems that a very common type of chair is the traditional type that rests on “feet” which consist of five casters for mobility. The casters are placed at the ends of four spokes that protrude from a main stem which is often adjustable for height. Then the seat rests on top of this stem. The seat will usually swivel and have an adjustable back. Both the seat and the back support are usually covered with fabric while the rest of the chair is metal. The fabric on the seat and the back support provide appropriate cushioning but are often lacking in the style department. The fabric usually looks dated or just outright bland. The simple fact is it is very easy to replace the fabric on the seat and back support of these types of desk chairs so at to provide the same comfort and support but with a look that better matches your personality or the look of your office. The tools needed for this task are a Phillips screwdriver (or drill with a Phillips bit), a flathead screwdriver, a staple gun and a roll of masking tape. Finally you will also need at least a couple of yards of the fabric of your choice. This fabric can be of any type or pattern. It is up to you how you want it to look and feel. If you want suede, go with suede. Or if you want something solid, go with that.

Once you have the necessary tools and materials, begin the process by removing the back support. Remove the screws that hold the piece in place. Likewise there should be about 4 screws on the underside of the seat that you will need to remove. Use the flathead screwdriver (or other prying tool) to separate the two halves of the back support. Remove the old fabric and foam cushioning from the support. It should pull right off. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust that has collected. Now cut a square piece of the fabric large enough to cover the front part of the back support. Lay the fabric face down on the work surface and then place the front part of the support face down on the fabric. Then wrap the fabric around the piece and use masking tape to secure it. It does not matter how this looks as it will be concealed when the two halves are rejoined. If the old fabric was held in place by some kind of fasteners and these can be reused, then use those. Make sure that you do not leave the fabric too slack. Pull it tight before securing with the tape or fasteners. Once the fabric is in place then reattach the back half of the support. Snapping the two pieces back together will secure the fabric even more as well as keep it taut.

Now, the seat! The foam cushioning is very important. It provides the comfort for your bottom and because it has probably gotten a lot of use over the years, now may be a good time to replace it. Most any fabric store will sell foam. Simply buy enough from which you can cut a size to fit the seat exactly. Now, as we did with the back support, cut a piece of your fabric large enough to wrap the seat. Lay this piece face down, then your cushioning foam, then the actual seat. Wrap the seat in the same manner as you did the back support. Because the seat receives so much stress and because there is no other half to it to help hold the fabric in place, something more sturdy than masking tape is required. Now is the time to reach for your handy-dandy staple gun. Staple the fabric to the bottom piece of the seat by placing the staples along the edge approximately one inch apart all away around the seat. It is very important that you do not allow the fabric to be too slack! Pull it taut as you staple.

With the seat securely covered, reattach the seat to the chair using the screws that you removed. Likewise attach the back support. Your newly redesigned chair is now complete. Now that you know the process you can easily change out this fabric as often as you want. So if you redecorate your office or if you decide to change its look for special occasions, just take your screwdrivers, fabric, and masking tape in hand and go to it. Change it up as often as you like.

An Online Shopper’s Guide to Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoo designs started to become a fashion statement during the 1990s, and they are still very popular today. Tribal tattoo art comes from various countries around the world, and this includes Japanese, African and Indian art styles.
I went looking for nice places to buy tribal tattoo designs on the internet, and have left you a list of my findings below. Tattoo Johnny seems to have the nicest selection, but some of the smaller sites also have some interesting choices. You will find a resource guide at the end of this article that gives links on where to find history and symbolic meaning for your favorite tribal tattoo designs.
Bulls Eye Tattoo has 1378 tribal tattoo designs for you to choose from. Bulls Eye has some very interesting tribal tattoo designs to consider and is a fun place to go dream in your spare time. Designs on this web site are priced between 5.00 and 20.00 each. Yes! There are scorpions in this collection. Click here to view these tribal tattoo designs choices.
Tattoo Johnny has 7781 tribal tattoo designs for you to choose from. If you are looking for a specific design, it is probably in this pile. Tattoo Johnny is a user friendly web site that is easy to use. Find the tribal tattoo designs that you like, and download them free into your computer to print for your tattoo artist. Click here to view these tribal tattoo designs choices.
Tattoo Joy has 1194 tribal tattoo designs for you to choose from. Tattoo Joy shows their patterns on real pictures of how the finished art looks on a body. I enjoyed window shopping my way through this unique web site. When you find a pattern that you like, you click on the photo for details on how to buy it. Each tribal tattoo design costs 2.99. Click here to view these tribal tattoo designs choices.
Tattoo Finder has 4057 tribal tattoo designs for you to choose from. Tattoo Finder is a web site that gathers tattoo art from various other sources to show you all in one place. This is a large web site with oodles of fun offerings and a nice place to go visit when you have a little time to kill. Prices on the tribal tattoo designs vary because they are coming from different artists. Click here to view these tribal tattoo designs choices.
Tribal Shapes has about 300 tribal tattoo designs under various categories on their web site. These designs are free to download onto your computer to print for your favorite tattoo artist to apply. There are some really wild choices under the category called ‘other’ – like this strange symbol that is a motorcycle if you look at it long enough. This is a fun site to visit if you have a little extra time to kill. Click here to view these tribal tattoo designs choices.
Free Tribal Tattoo has 19 categories of various tribal tattoo designs. I clicked into the tribal animal category and found 9 choices. This web site allows you to see the designs in various web selections so that you can choose to view in flash if you would like. Some of the designs that I am seeing are reminding me of clip-art. The tribal tattoo designs are all free to download into your computer. Click here to view these tribal tattoo designs choices.
‘Vanishing Tattoo’ is a large web site with lots of information about tribal tattoo art. Click here to see this resource place. Tattoo Designs and Symbols is a great resource place for finding information and history having to do with tattoos. Click here to see this resource place.
This web site that doesn’t seem to have a name, is a wealth of information about various styles of tattoos. It includes a section about gang tattoos, and explains tattoos by country and culture. Click here to see this resource place. ‘Abstract Tribal’ has nice pictures and information about tribal tattoos. Click here to see this resource place.

Product Review: Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design from Target

Have you ever cooked something in your kitchen that is odorous; the smell doesn’t go away even after several days? I, oftentimes, experience this whenever I cook fish. Whether I fry it, grill it, roast it, or boil it- fish has a tendency to emit a smell that can linger for days on end. After several days had passed the odor will still be there. It is more evident coming back from outside, once I open up the door to enter, I am greeted by the smell of cooked fish!

To deal with this problem, I have tried using a scented spray to eliminate the odor. Spraying helps from time to time, but the smell comes back after an hour or two. This is because the smell must have been absorbed on sofa fabrics and curtains- so the scented spray will just eliminate the odor temporarily. Unless you steam your curtains and sofa, the odor will not go away immediately and permanently.
I have found a product that I can use that I do not have to spray several times to get a good scent. The Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design has an aroma that can fill the air with smell of ground coffee. I found this at my recent shopping trip at Target. The Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design is a brand by Target. You can enjoy the freshly ground blend with this stimulating coffee infusion. It is perfectly brewed with light roasted beans, sweet vanilla and steamed milk enhanced by coconut and warm creamy musk. The fragrance in this candle is carefully selected and blended into a wonderful coffee mixture which can fill your home with a steady and pleasant aroma.
Being coffee lovers, my husband and I enjoy the smell of coffee. With the Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design, we just light up the candle and the scent will overpower the strong odor of fish or anything that smells odorous. Furthermore, we can start using it as we cook the food. Some scented spray can have a bad mix with food while you cook; however with the Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design, it blends well since it has the aroma of coffee and not just a smell of chemicals or perfumes.

I find the pleasant odor of coffee beans to be better than perfume smell emitted by other fragrance sprays. The scent of Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design is not offensive or would not give you any allergic reaction or eye irritation that one who has allergies to chemicals and perfume oftentimes experience with fragrance sprays. You would not feel nauseated when you smell the aroma of the Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design because it has a natural coffee smell.

The Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design is hand poured in a filled glass candle which is 4.6OZ (130.4 grams). The candle contains at least 90% vegetable wax and has about 25 hours of burn time. At less than five dollars, you can enjoy an aroma goodness that can last for several hours of use. I give the Coffee Bean Scented Candle by Bullseye Design two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Designer Air Conditioners

Please, please, please can you make an air conditioner that has a designer look on the outside of my home? We moved into our new home in 2006 and placed white bulbs in country candles in each of my front windows. Every night as I arrive home and start in my lane I have a warm feeling looking at the peaceful setting of the front of my house.
We all love summer, the weather turns and it is 80 to 100 degrees outside. We seek comfort by diving into water or into our air conditioned cars and homes. Unfortunately we do not have central air in my little rancher. My husband and I lugged the three portable air conditioner units into the house from the garage and placed them in two front windows and one back window.
I now stand in the front yard and looked at my air conditions. There they are gray, tan, ugly and sticking out two of my windows with wooden stakes holding them in place. I’m feeling more like I’m arriving home to Sanford and Son’s then to a cozy country home. Don’t get me wrong, I will take cool rooms in place of cozy candles and an attractive front appearance. But what if I could have both? I started thinking, why can’t I cover that with something? I thought maybe I could make a fancy cover to make it blend in to the landscaping. , But decided while it is running that would probably cause my little home to go up in smoke from not having enough vents in it… I guess I could plant a tall bush or tree, but I really don’t want additional landscaping in the front of the house.
So here is my idea and the next million dollar sensation. air conditioner units with camouflaged exteriors that are facing the outside of the window.. How many air conditioners are sold a year? Camouflaged air conditioner units will be the next have to have item! Will the manufacturers have to increase the cost for this designer model? Maybe a little but in this day of technology I think they should be able to minimize the cost to the consumer and give us a hip portable air conditioning unit for our home.
The back of your air conditioner sticking out your window can look like a green bush, a palm tree, water, match the color scheme of your house, look like a brick or stone wall, or vinyl siding.
To those of you with central air that are hiding that large unit with bushes and lattice would you like a nice green bush unit? This is my summer invention for the masses. Call me crazy, insane or silly, just please give me an air conditioner for my window that makes the front of my home looks like I’m living in a country home magazine. Keep it cool!