Designer Air Conditioners

Please, please, please can you make an air conditioner that has a designer look on the outside of my home? We moved into our new home in 2006 and placed white bulbs in country candles in each of my front windows. Every night as I arrive home and start in my lane I have a warm feeling looking at the peaceful setting of the front of my house.
We all love summer, the weather turns and it is 80 to 100 degrees outside. We seek comfort by diving into water or into our air conditioned cars and homes. Unfortunately we do not have central air in my little rancher. My husband and I lugged the three portable air conditioner units into the house from the garage and placed them in two front windows and one back window.
I now stand in the front yard and looked at my air conditions. There they are gray, tan, ugly and sticking out two of my windows with wooden stakes holding them in place. I’m feeling more like I’m arriving home to Sanford and Son’s then to a cozy country home. Don’t get me wrong, I will take cool rooms in place of cozy candles and an attractive front appearance. But what if I could have both? I started thinking, why can’t I cover that with something? I thought maybe I could make a fancy cover to make it blend in to the landscaping. , But decided while it is running that would probably cause my little home to go up in smoke from not having enough vents in it… I guess I could plant a tall bush or tree, but I really don’t want additional landscaping in the front of the house.
So here is my idea and the next million dollar sensation. air conditioner units with camouflaged exteriors that are facing the outside of the window.. How many air conditioners are sold a year? Camouflaged air conditioner units will be the next have to have item! Will the manufacturers have to increase the cost for this designer model? Maybe a little but in this day of technology I think they should be able to minimize the cost to the consumer and give us a hip portable air conditioning unit for our home.
The back of your air conditioner sticking out your window can look like a green bush, a palm tree, water, match the color scheme of your house, look like a brick or stone wall, or vinyl siding.
To those of you with central air that are hiding that large unit with bushes and lattice would you like a nice green bush unit? This is my summer invention for the masses. Call me crazy, insane or silly, just please give me an air conditioner for my window that makes the front of my home looks like I’m living in a country home magazine. Keep it cool!